Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center

A Place For All People To Grow, Learn & Celebrate!

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About the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center:

The Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center, located in the Williamson-Marquette neighborhood, has proudly nurtured its surrounding community since 1968. Though much has changed over 50 years,
Wil-Mar continues to serve and inspire the East Isthmus by providing:

·welcoming events and meeting spaces· 

·affordable child-care and summer camps·

·dance, fitness and well-being classes for all ages·

·weekly food pantries and community meals·

·senior citizen activities·

·meaningful volunteer opportunities·

·community-building summer festivals·


Wil-Mar is a place for all people to grow, learn, and celebrate!  


Upcoming Events!

The 2018 Eastside Summer Festivals!
Our community festivals are fun, unique, and free! Enjoy local food and beverages, shop eclectic crafts, dance to an incredible mix of music, and, best of all, all proceeds are directed right back into the community. 

Waterfront Festival: June 9th & 10th

La Fete de Marquette: July 12th-15th

AtwoodFest: July 28th &29th

Orton Park Festival: August 23rd-26th

The Willy St. Fair: September 15th & 16th


Wild Hog In The Woods:
Folk music, story telling & dance.
7:30 on Friday Evenings.


 Explore meaningful and fun volunteer opportunities in your own backyard


Will-Mar offers a variety of services and programs to the East Isthmus neighborhoods and beyond.


Check our calendar below for events, class times, and availability.


Wil-Mar serves more than 15,000 individuals each year!