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Yahara Room $25/Hour

The Yahara Room can seat approximately 140 around our 48”-diameter round tables, or 175 auditorium style. Includes a private bathroom, gorgeous natural light, and a sound system (additional $40.00 deposit required). Attached to a full kitchen (one-time fee of $15.00). Please be sure to read our Yahara Room Guidelines


Mendota Room $15/Hour

Set-up as a conference room, the Mendota Room can accomodate approximately 15-25 people. Does include a TV monitor for presentations.

Monona Room $15/Hour

Set-up as a welcoming lounge, the Monona Room can accomodate approximately 10-15 people.

Entire Upper Floor $200/Hour
up to 6 hours

When available, the entire Main Floor can be reserved. This includes the Yahara, Mendota and Monona Rooms, the Kitchen, and the upper-floor landing. A wonderful option for a large party or celebration!

Prep for your event and learn more about how to ensure you’ll get your Security Deposit back by reading our Building Use Guidelines Form 

The Security Deposit is $50.00 and is due at the time the facility use contract is signed. The Security Deposit is an “all or nothing” deposit: if the room is not completely cleaned and put away as it should be, the deposit will not be returned. Checks and/or cash are preferred, but we can accommodate credit cards. 

If you are holding an event in the evening or on a weekend, it’s very likely you will need to pick-up keys before your event. Keys can be picked-up the week before the event; this pick-up should be arranged ahead of time. Keys can only be picked-up between 3-8 p.m., Monday-Friday. The Key Deposit is $20. Checks and/or cash are preferred, but we can accommodate cards. 


 Non-profit and fundraising events can apply for our non-profit discount. The discount provided is typically 25-50% of the full facility use fee; the discount provided is dependent on the length and size of the event. Please note, those groups and events receiving non-profit discounts are encouraged to support Wil-Mar through other means.

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Plenty of parking is available at the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center. Our lot is found at the intersection of Jenifer St. and Brearly St., next to our playground and basketball court.