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PLEASE NOTE: Waterfront, La Fete de Marquette, and Orton Park Festival are invite only. Invites are made possible to senior vendors and those who live and/or own a business in the Marquette neighborhood first. We do keep a waitlist; if you are interested please list your interest below.

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“We love Wil-Mar! Growing up, we loved going to the eastside fests and to parties at Wil-Mar. Now we volunteer in different ways throughout the year. Wil-Mar has provided a foundation for our neighborhood for decades, and it’s such a welcoming and active place! We’re proud that we’re a part of something that positively impacts so many others in Madison!”

–Sam Skar, Molly Leimontas & Cassie Leimontas

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Parking is located on our lot at the intersection of Jenifer Street and Brearly Street, next to our playground and basketball court.


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