Learn, Grow, Celebrate!
Capital Campaign


Join us on Saturday, April 13th, from 5-9 pm, in celebration of Wil-Mar’s 50th Anniversary!

Enjoy Madison's best comfort food (with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options), and an open bar provided by Star Liquor! Daisy Cafe and Cupcakery and the Looking Glass Bakery will bring dessert.

The Cajun Strangers and Mal-O-Dua will keep the tunes flowing through the night, and a short program will take place from 6:45-7 p.m.

A night out full of great food, drink and music, for just $50! Every penny is going directly to support Wil-Mar’s building renovation!

Get your tickets online here! Prefer cash or check? Call Beatrice at 608-257-4576 or email her here to RSVP!


Saving our building—and continuing our mission for another 50 years!

Since 1969, the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center has provided a place for all people to learn, grow, and celebrate. With every resource directly invested in the people we serve, and the programming we provide, building maintenance was deferred. However, the extensive wear-and-tear over time means that we are now at a significant crossroads. It’s critical we invest in our building—so that Wil-Mar can continue for another 50 years!

Our functionally-focused refurbishment and renovation will include:

  • Transforming our youth space to improve and expand programming; 

  • Installing an energy-efficient heating and cooling system;

  • Rejuvenating the building’s interior and exterior; and

  • Installing a new roof and flooring.  

In addition, a large part of our campaign includes the purchase of the next-door community space that includes our playground, parking lot, basketball court, and event equipment storage. We purchased this community space in October 2017!

Wil-Mar is where we: LEARN as a family, GROW as a community, and CELEBRATE together with pride. Join us today in helping to make the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center the welcoming, beautiful space our community deserves!

Questions? Contact Beatrice via email here or by calling 608-257-4576 ext. 12.

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