The creation
of the Wil-Mar
Neighborhood center.


The Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center was founded in 1968

For more than 50 years, Wil-Mar was home to Pilgrim Church, providing critical support and resources to the surrounding community. In 1968, the congregation donated their building to the neighborhood so that it could become the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center. In the late 60s, the needs and interests of the surrounding community were rapidly changing—blue-collar families, young artists and college students, and senior citizens all called this part of the east Isthmus home!


The creation of the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center provided a foundation for this ever-widening community: a place for all people to learn, grow and celebrate. Over the last 50 years, Wil-Mar has served and support hundreds of thousands of people. As the east Isthmus community continues to evolve, Wil-Mar maintains the foundations of health, vitality, and acceptance that make our community the rare and wonderful place it is to call home.

 “I grew up at Wil-Mar, when my family lived just a few blocks away. Coming to Wil-Mar for afterschool and summer camp was like going to a relative’s house—it was warm, welcoming, and everyone knew everyone!

Now as a teacher for the Madison School District and a mother myself, I understand how important it was that me and my siblings had some place safe and supportive to go for all those years. Kids have fun and families know that their kids are learning and growing in a positive place. I love Wil-Mar so much that I send my own kids to the Wil-Mar Summer Camp now. Wil-Mar really is like family!”

–Sylvia Suggs


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