Strong Women Class

The Strong Women program was designed by researchers from Tufts University to offer older adults an exercise program that is easy to learn, strengthens muscles used every day, and can be modified for all abilities, skills, and health levels. The Strong Women program is perfect for those getting back into exercise, those who have never committed to an exercise program, and those who want to preserve or improve their health as they age.

Strong Women, Strong Bones!
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8-9 a.m. & noon-1 p.m. $45/session. 
Spring 2017 Session: April 11th – June 15th
We are offering two sessions!
The 8-9 a.m. class is full for this session.
Register for the Noon-1 p.m. class here. Please note, no class April 27th and May 2nd. Taught by Beatrice Hadidian. 

Payment due at first class. Scholarships available!

What are the immediate results of the Strong Women class?

The Strong Women class will offer noticeable results by the end of the session. We’ll do a pre- and post-assessment of flexibility, stamina and strength so everyone will know how much improvement has been earned. Participants report feeling more able to do everyday tasks – carry groceries and laundry, go up and down stairs, walk farther and longer, feel steadier on their feet, sleep better and have more energy. And, research shows that blood sugar levels, cardiovascular health, arthritis, and mental health are all positively influenced by regular exercise. Participants who modify their diet and add a cardio-exercise component may lose weight. Best of all, it’s a place to meet new friends who also prioritize their health!

What makes this class different?

This class is part of the Strong Women Program developed with a full research investigation at Tufts University by Miriam Nelson, PhD. It is designed to be safe, simple and effective. There is no special equipment needed except light weights, a mat or towel, and a sturdy chair. Wil-Mar will provide all of these supplies! The series of exercises is simple and can be performed anywhere in comfy clothing with no weights at all and with heavier weights that self-challenge. The routine is easy to learn and can be modified to fit everyone’s ability, skill or health level. And there’s no loud music! UW Extension, along with the program developers, are committed to providing the program in all communities, reducing all barriers to participation.

Who is a good fit for this class?

The Strong Women class is designed for middle-aged and older adults who want to stay strong, independent and vital well into old age. No previous exercise experience is necessary, just a willingness to try and comfortably push yourself.

What can participants expect from this class?

The Strong Women class is non-competitive, supportive and flexible to help anyone improve health – no matter where they start! The class takes about one hour and is a regular sequence of exercises that work the muscles that we use everyday. A certified instructor demonstrates the exercises and shares health tips. It’s fun and effective. Expect a few friendships to form for more activities.

Our Instructor:

Lauren Cnare is a certified Strong Women trainer who’s committed to keeping strong and fit well into her own old age and is excited about helping others do so, too. She has a degree in Communications and has worked in community non-profits and businesses all related to health for 30 years. She has a slew of old runner’s injuries and enjoys seeking new ways to keep active and pain-free.